Welcome to Camp Soniashnyk!

Welcome to Camp Soniashnyk! We are back! It has been a year long journey but we, at UNF- Toronto Branch, are ready to welcome you and your child into the Camp Soniashnyk family!

This year, your camper will partake in experiences that will allow them to grow and learn while being safe and having fun. They will be able to see new things, learn skills and make friends that they will have for the rest of their lives.

The Ukrainian National Federation was founded in 1932. As one of the oldest Ukrainian Canadian organizations, we are leaders in our community and want to provide your child with the best experiences. The Toronto Branch’s youth program, including Camp Soniashnyk, aims at educating our children about Ukrainian language and traditions, provides a sense of community and belonging while giving them experiences and opportunities that will shape them into leaders in their own right. We are located at the UNF building at 145 Evans Ave Toronto, which gives us access to a pool, a park and a gymnasium which all will create a lifetime of memories.

This document has been created and provided for you so that the policies and regulations of Camp Soniashnyk are accessible and understood by every parent and camper. Please ensure that every section is read carefully and thoroughly prior to starting camp- it will answer many of the questions you may have. If any more questions arise while reading, or if any questions remain please do not hesitate to call or email us at any time.

We can’t wait to see you at Camp Soniashnyk!

About Camp Soniashnyk

Mission Statement

In line with the principles of the UNF, Camp Soniashnyk’s mission is to honour our Ukrainian heritage while providing thoroughly Canadian context. Camp Soniashnyk program provides children ages 6 to 12 with a schedule of activities that focuses on intellectual, emotional and physical development, the fostering of community and culture, and the development of leadership skills for future use in our community and beyond.


Our programming is of the highest quality. Developed during the entire year leading up to camp, the program is focused on intellectual and emotional growth and on providing children with new and exciting experiences. Everyday is carefully scheduled from 8:00am-5:30pm and is focused on outdoor play, arts and crafts, and sports. There is a special focus on Ukrainian culture at Camp Soniashnyk, with many activities and crafts based on our rich Ukrainian traditions. We provide Ukrainian Canadian cultural, societal and historical themes while developing our future leaders. There is a focus on Ukrainian language and we use it in all contexts at Camp Soniashnyk.


Our staff is carefully selected for their strengths in leadership and role modeling. They undergo an intensive training program where they learn about best practices with working with children and young adults. Our instructors are very knowledgeable on how children grow and learn, and what their daily needs are. We stand behind the professionalism of our staff, which all embody Camp Soniashnyk’s ideals, values and mission.


Policies and Regulations of Camp Soniashnyk

Please read the following carefully. They constitute the administrative procedures, policies, rules and regulations of Camp Soniashnyk. Disregard for the following may result in denial of application or dismissal from Camp without refund

Camp runs from Monday to Friday 8:00am -5:30pm each day. All campers must be brought to 145 Evans Ave, Etobicoke. Please review our “Lateness Policy” on arriving late for pick up below.


Because of allergies please refrain from bringing food with nuts or seeds of any kind. More items may be added to this list, and you will be informed via email closer to camp. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration Policies

Because of high demand, registration applications received via e-mail, in person or online will be reviewed for completion of all mandatory information. If all information is complete, you will be sent an invoice to pay for camp. The invoice must be paid in full within 2 weeks. Once paid, you will receive a receipt. Your payment receipt is confirmation of registration. You may pay online, via e-transfer, check or cash in person at the UNF office at 145 Evans Ave, Toronto, ON

If the invoice is not paid within the two week window, it will be considered “Missing Payment” and your application will be declined. Your application will have to be resubmitted entirely and will be processed in sequence with new applications.

Missing Information, or NSF – Two Week Grace Period
If the application falls into the following categories, you will be notified via email.

  • Missing Information
  • Incomplete Payment (NSF)

There is a 2 week (10 business days) grace period to correct the problem. If the issue is not corrected in 2 weeks from the date on the notification email, the application form will be rejected and will have to be resubmitted entirely. Please note, if payment is sent, but not does not clear, you will be charged an NSF fee of $40 and will be given 2 weeks to clear payment.

Registration Fees

UNF Member: $350, 4-Day Week: $300

Non-Member: $400, 4-Day Week: $320

Take All Weeks: $380/wk

Member – Take All Weeks: $333/wk

Children on CUAET Visa: $200/wk

Special Note on UNF Member Fees

UNF prices apply to members of OYK, UWVA or UNF who are parents or legal guardians of the camper(s) and are up-to-date in their membership fees for the year. Membership status is checked at UNF national office on official membership lists.

Cancellation & Withdrawal

Because of a high enrollment and limited availability of space there is no refund of fees for cancellation or withdrawal of a child from camp either before or during camp. Days missed cannot be refunded or credited with future dates. Please give careful thought to the length of time your child will spend with us. The Camp Director reserves the right to send a camper home under certain circumstances. There is no refund of any deposits or fees. Please see below under “Reasons for Sending A Camper Home.

Policy on Lateness Checking Out

Make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive on time. If you do not check out your camper by the allotted time, you will be surcharged 20$ / 10 minutes for supervision. This is strictly enforced as counselors need rest at this time as well. We teach our future leaders that punctuality is a sign of respect for others.

Policy on “Non-Guardian” Pick Up

If you wish for your child to be picked up by another person other than you or the child’s other legal guardian, please email [email protected] with their full name and relationship to your child. We will not release children without this written consent. We will be checking their ID at time of pick up. Thank you for your understanding

Personal Phone Number Etiquette

Personal phone numbers of the head counselor that are given to parents are for matters relating to the Camp Soniashnyk Program. They are only to be used in this regard from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Please do not call supervisors at any other time for special requests or information. If you are advising of absence, wish to ask a question or advise of a change, please email [email protected].

Photo and Video Use

Camp Soniashnyk Staff will periodically take photos and videos of Camp Activities and upload them to our Facebook page to inform parents about camp and its progress. A media release form will be part of the registration process. Photos may be used for UNF promotional and informational activities such as Camp advertisements, Website Newsletter Updates, and Community Information packages. The UNF Reserves the right to retain and use such material for internal and promotional purposes.

Liability Waiver

As is standard at most camps in Ontario, parents will be required to sign a liability waiver as part of the registration process. This waiver is a requirement for your camper’s participation at Camp Soniashnyk.

Reasons for Sending a Camper Home

Unfortunately there may be times when campers must be sent home. Refunds for sickness, injury or behavioural issues will not be applied. Camp Soniashnyk retains the right to send campers home for the reasons described below.


If your child is too sick to participate in the program, parents will be contacted to pick the camper up. A written doctor’s note with “able to return date” is required to return to camp. It is the parent’s responsibility to pick up and arrange a pick up of the child within 2 hours of the initial call home. If the child has a fever, you are required to keep them home for a 24 hour period.


In the case of a injury, the camper will receive emergency medical attention as is required. Parents will immediately be contacted. If camper is able to still participate in the program to a large degree, parents can request to allow the camper to re-join camp. Re-admittance will be at the discretion of the Camp Director and written note from a doctor with a “able to return” date will be required if the injury required a doctor’s visit.


It is the policy of Camp Soniashnyk to set limits for children which will ensure a safe and secure environment while demonstrating respect for the individual needs of children. At Camp Soniashnyk, campers are expected to show respect for themselves, others, the sites they visit, and the wildlife they encounter.

A 3- step resolution model will be used in dealing with behavioural issues. It will be the responsibility of our Counselors to ensure campers are aware of this model, as well as our expectations for keeping campers safe and happy while at camp. This model is intended to assess, monitor and manage issues of behaviour. As required, parents will be consulted on behaviour issues on an escalated basis.

On the first case of physically violent behaviour, offensive or hurtful language, willful damage or theft of property, campers will immediately be placed into a mediation process by the Camp Director.

Special Note on Bullying

Camp Soniashnyk does not tolerate bullying in any form. Our counselors are specifically trained on the differences between conflicts and bullying. Camp Soniashnyk encourages monitoring and support for conflict resolution versus top down solutions. Campers are given skills to deal with conflicts/disagreements in a safe and appropriate way should they arise. Camp Soniashnyk also defines what bullying is. Bullying is about one camper applying and enforcing direct or indirect control over another camper, using any method available. It is defined, explained, and workshopped with campers they are clear on Camp Soniashnyk’s expectations of behaviour. If bullying does occur, it is taken seriously. On the first offence, the camper is placed into a mediation process by the Camp Director. On the third offence, the offending campers will be sent home.

Issues of sickness, injury, behaviour and bullying are documented and shared with parents as they occur. If issues of behaviour and bullying cannot be resolved, the camper will be asked to leave the camp. The parents input will be heavily considered. Staff and camper safety, and program continuation will be held as a priority.

What To Bring To Camp

Please ensure your camper is equipped with the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Hat (summer camp)
  • Sunscreen (summer camp)
  • Running Shoes and socks
  • Bathing Suit and Towel (summer camp)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather of the day

NOTE: Camp is messy and busy. Please do not dress your camper in expensive or delicate items. Please leave all precious and priceless items at home. No cellphones or electronic devices are allowed at camp.


We can’t wait to have your camper join us this summer! “UNF” is “FUN”!